Nostradamus: Did the famous astrologer's 2021 predictions come true?

Was the French astrologer, known for past accurate predictions, correct in what he foresaw for 2021?

In the past, the revered prophetic physician predicted Hitler's historically significant dictatorship and well as the catastrophic events of World War II.

For the year 2021, that will very soon be coming to an end, the 16th century prophet, Nostradamus, had a lot to say on what was going to happen to humanity. So, what did he actually get right and what did he miss the mark on?

His accurate predictions

Perhaps the most obvious one is what he said about 'omnipresent famine' which would come as a result of a massive decline in global health. Immediately, this can only be representative of the massive dent left on humanity by COVID-19. From the hundreds of thousands of lives lost, to the rippling effects it left on all aspects of society, the coronavirus made those who were poor only poorer and proliferated their hardships.

The reputed seer also made the right call when he said that 2021 would see many environmental cataclysms take place. With the ever degenerating state of our planet, from oceans covered in plastic, to mass deforestation, climate change was part of every major political discussion. As a result of climate change, environmental disasters took place in all corners of the world and things might only be getting worse from here on out.

His not so accurate predictions

Thankfully, not all the bad and scary actually took place. For one, we were lucky enough to miss out on the supposed zombie apocalypse that would see the end of all forms of humanity.

The state of California did not crumble into itself from an obliterating earthquake that was supposed to take place on 25 November of this year. And finally, no significantly alarming asteroid collided with our planet. *Sigh of relief*.

What are Nostradamus’ predictions for 2021? What are Nostradamus’ predictions for 2021?