Matera: Discover Italy's city of stone made popular by James Bond

If it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for us. Read on to find out what the ancient Italian city of Matera holds.

Made popular by the blockbuster franchise James Bond, Matera boasts a lost charm of its own. This city is believed to halt time and transport its travellers to an ancient age.

Read more to discover about this Italian city rich in history, which has now been transformed into a hotel haven.

The lost city of Matera  Daniele Levis Pelusi

Matera, the magical city of stone

Lost city of Matera Piermario Eva

With its tapering stonewalls, the white stone city surely lights up at night. Matera's identity has been founded on the three elements of sun, rocks, and water since ancient times, and this passion continues now.

Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano, the two Sassi (stones) districts, are constructed atop natural caverns that have been dug and enlarged over centuries.

Once considered the 'shame of Italy' due to its poverty-stricken past, it has now been transformed into Europe's cultural hub spot. Now a world heritage site, Matera is adorned with various hotels in every corner.

How to reach Matera, Italy?

Matera hotel view
  1. Land borders are currently open
  2. The nearest airport to Matera is Bari (BRI) Airport
  3. UK citizens don't need a visa
  4. UK citizens need proof of recovery from COVID-19 and vaccination certificate to enter
  5. UK residents need a Schengen Visa
Matera hotel view

The lost city of Matera is located in Italy and is currently open to UK residents who have recently recovered from COVID-19 and looking for a quick and easy getaway.

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