He Was Doing His Homework When He Discovered Something Incredible

He Was Doing His Homework When He Discovered Something Incredible

For this 14 year old Danish boy, doing this particular homework assignment was probably the most incredible experience of his life! Hard to believe, but while doing research for a history project, this young man gave life to a 70-year-old legend...

The Second World War and Nazi horrors was a sad period of history which should remain in history classes and in collective memory. This is why a young Danish man was assigned with a homework project related to this theme. His father couldn't help but jokingly tell him that a World War II plane crashed in their field... He didn't expect his son to take him up on his challenge!

Metal detector in hand, the young man walked around the family field and made a discovery that gave truth to his grandfather's story: he comes face to face with the entire wreckage of a Nazi plane, and more frightening still, with the pilot's skeleton and bits of his clothes! The story then went viral, and the army even intervened on the spot of the discovery...

These incredible historical pieces have naturally been handed over to a Danish museum. As for the identity of the pilot, it could soon be revealed once his identity documents are deciphered...

• Sophie West
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