Experts May Have Proof Of The Great Flood That Destroyed Civilization 7,600 Years Ago

Oceanographers continue to find treasures like ships on the floor of the Black Sea near Nessebar, a quaint fishing village in Bulgaria that contains a plethora of ancient relics and monuments.

When you meander through Nessebar, you’ll encounter a blend of ancient, medieval, and 19th century-old architecture, monuments, and ruins. Surrounding the island, on the floor of the Black Sea, sits a museum of relics that confirm historical texts of the past.

However, the most recent Black Sea-related discovery brings light to the story of the great flood and Noah. Do you remember the biblical story? The one where Noah built a ship and put his family and pairs of all of the land animal species, including birds (male and female) inside in order to survive the massive Earth-shattering flood?

Well, until now, researchers haven’t found much info that proves the flood legitimately happened, but the Black Sea Marine Archaeologist Project (Black Sea MAP) hopes to find more information with their recent findings.

One source notes, “Geological samples drilled from the seabed could, at last, settle the mystery of whether it was here that waters once rushed in, flattening civilisations and leaving behind the story we know as Noah and the great biblical flood.”

While the Black Sea MAP determines whether Noah and the great biblical flood actually occurred, you can take a moment to read about their other recent spectacular discovery! What did they find? Tune into our video to find out.

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