Adolf Hitler's watch is going on sale in Paris

Adolf Hitler's Hublot watch is believed to have been found and to be on sale in Paris.

Adolf Hitler's watch, the existence of which has often been questioned, was seen in a Parisian hotel. Long considered lost, the watch has seemingly resurfaced in the backstage area of a palace, as reported by Le Figaro. The historic object is now on sale.

Hitler's watch resurfaces in Paris

It is in a Parisian hotel, out of sight, that the iconic object has been found. Adolf Hitler's watch, was a presented as a gift to the dictator in the 1930s by the official supplier of the Bavarian Court, Hublot. There is no doubt about the object's ownership: the eagle on a sloping swastika, the initials AH and the dates of the dictator's birth and victory in the 1933 elections are inscribed on it. Although no photo of the watch exists today, it is said to be recognisable thanks to its unique engravings.

Le Figaro reports that the object was long considered lost—its existence has even been questioned many a time. Found by the descendants of the Leclerc Division, who had recovered it during the war, the watch will have travelled from Place Vendôme to Rue de la Paix.

The watch is up for sale

The daily newspaper reports that the watch is for sale and that some twenty potential buyers are already interested. The problem is that it is forbidden in France to sell illegally held Nazi wartime objects. Will the watch stay in France? It's unlikely. It could be returned to the State of Bavaria, which is the rightful owner of Adolf Hitler. There is also a possibility that a patron could acquire the watch and return it to a memorial.

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