A Mysterious Tunnel Has Been Discovered Under Alcatraz

A Mysterious Tunnel Has Been Discovered Under Alcatraz

We all know that Alcatraz is one of the most dangerous prisons in the world, from which it would simply be impossible to escape. However, a recent discovery reveals that the prison is not devoid of weaknesses, such as a path that could have allowed detainees to escape.

As iconic as it is scary, Alcatraz Prison is famous for some of its inmates, who are considered the most dangerous criminals in the United States' history, starting with the infamous Al Capone. In film, several feature films like Escape From Alcatraz and Rock have evoked the (near) impossibility of escaping from the penitentiary facility located in San Francisco Bay.

A tunnel located "a few meters from the surface" discovered by archaeologists

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Archaeologists from the University of Binghamton recently made a shocking discovery that sounds like it's come straight out of a Hollywood movie. A tunnel dating from the nineteenth century, when the future prison was still a military fort, was indeed found.

"This discovery is surprising. The tunnel was in perfect condition when it was only a few meters from the surface, and the concrete floor of the prison yard is really thin," explained Timothy de Smet, who conducted the research. While officially, no inmate has ever managed to escape Alcatraz, this unusual find proves that the establishment that is known to be inescapable is not devoid of flaws and for once, it's not fiction...

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• Ruby Smith
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