A Missing Page From Albert Einstein’s Manuscript Has Finally Resurfaced

It’s a historical document of inestimable value. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has just acquired over 100 pages written by none other than Albert Einstein himself.

A Missing Page From Albert Einstein’s Manuscript Has Finally Resurfaced
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More than 60 years after his death, his writings have once again resurfaced. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has recently acquired a priceless document: a manuscript over 100 pages long, written by Albert Einstein.

Throughout these 110 pages written in the 1940s, there are series of mathematical calculations, but also letters—both professional notes to collaborators and personal ones. Though almost all of these writings were already known by scientists and consultable in the form of copies, the value of the original documents still remains inestimable.

‘An enigma’

To their great surprise, the university researchers actually found a previously unpublished page. It is part of an 8-page appendix, in which the celebrated physicist describes a theory of unified fields. This missing page was a ‘problem, an enigma […]. To our great surprise and greater pleasure, this page has been found,' declared Mr. Gutfreund, physics professor and former president of the University, to the Associated French Press.

The document was acquired thanks to an American collector, a doctor from North Carolina who had assembled a private collection of Einstein’s writings. The manuscript is thus now complete at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

‘This article was one of Einstein’s numerous attempts to gather all of the forces of nature under a single theory. He devoted the last 30 years of his life to this,’ the establishment noted.