You probably have coronavirus if your food tastes like these 2 things

Typical signs of COVID-19 include a loss of smell and taste. But what if your food suddenly starts tasting completely different?

COVID-19 cases are on the rise and with them, the list of possible different symptoms. We are continuously learning more and more about the long-term effects associated with the virus, some of which are quite worrying.

Some symptoms have been reported over and over and are now synonymous with COVID-19, such as a loss of smell and taste, but scientists are now having to deal with changes in the way food tastes as well.

Changes in the way food tastes

Ever since March, scientists have been intensively dealing with various COVID-19 symptoms including a sudden change in the way that food tastes and the BBC has reported that people with the coronavirus repeatedly claim to be able to taste two flavours in particular.

These particular flavours are paper and cardboard. According to scientists, if you experience these tastes when eating, it could be a sign that you have the coronavirus. And so obviously, the best course of action would be to self-isolate and get yourself tested as soon as possible.

Extreme cases

In one extreme case, a woman reportedly tasted petrol. All of a sudden, her meat developed a horrible chemical taste and she eventually lost her appetite and started losing weight as a result. The patient then went on to suffer from anxiety and became more and more isolated.

But there is also good news in this. In many cases, it has been shown that patients who develop these symptoms tend to experience less severe cases of the virus. There is also research that suggests that one blood group in particular tends to be affected by COVID-19 more than others.

Traces of the coronavirus have been found on frozen food packaging Traces of the coronavirus have been found on frozen food packaging