What Is The Average Size of a Penis? Can You Do Anything to Change It?

Does size matter? Science weighs in and attempts to provide us with a definitive answer... but it's not as clear-cut as you'd think.

Does size really matter? According to some studies, the answer is… not necessarily. But scientists nevertheless were keen to find out how big average actually is. According to a study that included more than 15,000 participants and was published in The British Journal of Urology (and aptly entitled 'Am I normal?’), the average size of a flaccid penis is 9.16 centimetres and 13.13 centimetres erect. However, this doesn’t mean that the male sex organ is the same size throughout a man’s entire life.

Shower or a grower?

During an interview with Health, doctor Mike Bohl said:

For example, when it is cold, the flaccid penis may appear smaller. […] Flaccid penis size and erect penis size don’t necessarily correlate. Some penises grow a lot when they become erect; some don’t grow as much.

However, according to Mike Bohl, the number one factor that determines penis size is your hormones. It turns out the size of the male sex organ can vary between different members of the same family and can also differ between different population groups.

Can you change the size of your penis?

The answer is yes, but these methods are either physically demanding or costly and changes like this can often be complicated. One of these methods is penis enlargement surgery, also known as a penoplasty. This involves cutting the ligament that keeps the penis suspended when it is erect and typically makes the penis 1-2 inches longer, but prevents it from remaining in its original position when erect.

According to doctor Bohl, another method that exists is using a device to pull on the penis, usually for hours every day and for weeks or months at a time. However, this method is rather unrealistic and according to the doctor, has minimal gains for the effort required. It also sounds like a terrible time if we're being honest. Penis pumps also exist to make the penis look bigger, but the effects are only temporary.

However, the doctor says there are a few simple tricks you can use to make your penis look bigger than it is without using surgery or other devices.

Losing weight and/or trimming public hair (‘manscaping’) are ways to make more of the penis visible, which may make it seem like it’s longer.

But ultimately, the size of the male sex organ depends on hormones and genetics and every technique to enlarge this member must first be discussed with a doctor, especially ‘home remedies’.

Doctor reveals the average penis size might be smaller than you think Doctor reveals the average penis size might be smaller than you think