Tietze Syndrome - Definition, Symptoms, And Treatment

Tietze Syndrome - Definition, Symptoms, And Treatment

Tietze syndrome manifests itself through thoracic pain in the sternum and between the second and third ribs. It is a mild disease that disappears in a few weeks or months.

Tietze syndrome is characterized by pain in the upper chest near the sternum and between the second and third ribs. The pains, sometimes acute, often manifest themselves through outbreaks. They can feel like a pinch and are often amplified by certain movements.

Something as simple as coughing can lead to significant pain in a person with Tietze syndrome. Movement of the arms and exertion can also cause trigger the disease. The pain may be accompanied redness or swelling.


The causes of Tietze syndrome remain mostly unknown, but some factors may play a role in the onset of the disease. A blow to the thorax area, cartilage inflammation, or trauma linked to certain repetitive movements – such as shaking a carpet when doing household work – can contribute to the onset of Tietze syndrome.


Tietze syndrome, which manifests itself through severe chest pain, can cause concern as it may be reminiscent of a heart problem. If you are experiencing such symptoms, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. They will carry out a clinical examination of the afflicted area to rule out other pathologies and confirm their diagnosis. An X-ray is not routine, but may be proposed in the case of a patient who has suffered a significant shock in the thoracic area.

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Rest is the best way to quickly cure Tietze syndrome. It is therefore necessary that the afflicted individual avoid movements that cause the pain. Analgesics or anti-inflammatories may also help provide relief to the patient. The pain usually disappears after a few weeks or months. If discomfort persists, cortisone injections may be considered.

Even after the patient is cured, there is a risk of Tietze syndrome reoccurring.

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