This study proves why you should always be sleeping naked

What do you wear in bed? After painstaking research, we can finally conclude the best thing to wear when sleeping... nothing at all!

Rain or shine, hot or cold, no matter the temperature, you’ve got to sleep in the nude. Why? Well, the explanations are endless.

According to a study, sleeping nude lowers the body’s temperature which allows you to get to sleep quicker and enjoy a deeper, sounder night of rest. That already is more than enough reason to shed the pyjamas.

Put on your birthday suit

According to another Australian study, lowering your body temperature could effectively provide you with an even greater benefit:weight loss. Sporting a birthday suit can actually change the fat composition of your body, reducing white fat (associated with obesity) while increasing brown fat which converts energy to heat.

Shed the pyjamas, increase fertility

But that’s not all! Sleeping in underwear is actually doing a number on your intimate areas. For men, they warm up the testicles and can negatively impact fertility.

For women, sleeping clothed can actually increase the amount of humidity and temperature of the vagina which can lead to increased risk of infection.

You see – nothing but advantages! Take our advice and sleep sounder tonight.

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