This morbidly obese Youtube stopped eating for 150 days to save his life

A morbidly obese American Youtuber decided to go on a 150-day fast to save his life. He then revealed his transformation in a video on his channel.

YouTube is full of videos, each more incredible than the last. Among them are diet videos which often garner millions of views. A Youtuber had stopped eating sugar for a month and showed the effects it had on his body. One of his colleagues then went on a 15-day fast and revealed his transformation. But this long fast is nothing compared to that of an American content creator!

A 150-day fast to save his life

John, aka The Fasting Fatman, was morbidly obese. Faced with health problems, he embarked on his first 30-day fast to save his life. During this first month of deprivation, the American revealed that he lost 5 and a half stone. He admits that the first three days were difficult, with intense hunger making itself felt. Then he learned to control his satiety and finally, in consultation with his doctor, embarked on a 150-day fast.

Incredible weight loss

During this period John drank only water and took supplements to maintain proper vitamin and nutrient levels. By doing this, he allowed his body to use its fat for energy, similar to the ketogenic diet. He posted regular videos of his impressive transformation on his Youtube channel. In the video on the 150th and last day without eating, the Youtuber appears completely transformed. During the period, he revealed that he had lost 17 stone, having gone from weighing almost 38 stone down to 21 stone.

Health benefits

The transformation had beneficial effects on John's health and life. He noticed that he was able to walk longer and climb stairs, something he was unable to do before the fast. In terms of the blood tests that he carried out regularly over the course of the experience, John and his doctor noted an improvement in all variables. This more than encouraging evolution could be an inspiration to some who would like to undertake such an experiment.

But beware! Such a diet is not suitable for everyone and we advise you to consult a health professional beforehand, or simply to start a shorter fast.

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