This Man Injected Himself With His Own Sperm For A Bizarre Reason...

1st April is still far away, but this news story isn’t a January fools! According to the Irish Medical Journal, a 33-year-old man had been self-administering his sperm for 18 months hoping that it would ease his back pain. A ludicrous practice that earned him a subcutaneous abscess in his forearm.

‘But why?’ This is the question that we’ve been obsessing about all day. Spoiler alert: even scientists have been racking their brains trying to fully understand his thought process! Maxisciences has all the information about what happened to this Irish man and the story that reminds us at the same time why it is so risky to self-medicate and why anatomy classes are so important.

Sperm in his veins

When this Irishman in his thirties walked through the doors to a hospital in Dublin, it was to look into a severe pain that he was feeling in his lower back that had started 3 days earlier after he had lifted a steel object that was too heavy. According to his file, he was chronically suffering in this area but there was no neurological cause.

When he was examined, doctors discovered a rash and light swelling on his right forearm, showing a few symptoms of a subcutaneous infection. An X-ray then revealed an abscess buried deep under the skin.

When interrogated by the practitioners, the man revealed that his state was probably linked to the recent intravenous and intramuscular injections he had been administering of his own sperm for the past 18 months to ease his pain. Once a month, he had been injecting himself with his own seed, but as his pains were getting worse and worse, he decided to increase how often he was self-medicating in the period leading up to his hospital visit.

Even researchers were left speechless

Intrigued by this type of self-medication, the medical team obviously wanted to know more. Their research was published in the Irish Medical Journal which refers to this unique case. Scientists then consulted the data and literature they had available to try and understand where this idea originally came from.

‘Although there is a report of the effects of subcutaneous semen injection into rats and rabbits, there were no cases of intravenous semen injection into humans found across the literature,’ they discovered.

Although it’s true that injecting tiny doses of semen into your skin could possible test and treat possible allergic reactions to sperm, no research has ever proven the analgesic effects of such an injection.

After receiving medication for his bacterial skin infection, the young man didn’t want to continue his treatment and decided to leave the hospital, taking with him the real reason that he decided to use his own sperm as a cure for his pain.

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