This is what 15 months without coffee and alcohol will do to you

Tobias van Schneider used to love drinking coffee and alcohol. But then he took part in an experiment that completely changed his life!

Tobias van Schneider is a German designer who was raised in Austria but has been living in New York for quite some time. And just like lots of people in the world, he enjoys having a cup of coffee or a bit (or a lot, we're not judging) of alcohol every now and then.

For lots of people, coffee and alcohol are a normal part of life. But they can have consequences!

Experiment time: Giving up coffee and alcohol

Then one day, Tobias decided to try out an experiment. Just like how lots of people decide to give up sugar, he decided to completely give up alcohol and coffee for a period of fifteen months.

His goal: to see how his body reacted to the change over a long period of time.

Since he was hardly ever going out, he first started seeing the positive effects on his bank account. After just two months, he noticed that he had actually saved the equivalent of an incredible £1,550. While that much may not stretch as far in New York City compared to other places, it's still a small fortune that could definitely make a huge difference paying off all the bills at the end of the month.

Positive effects on his body

But the most important thing that Tobias noticed was that he had a lot more energy. His sleep improved and he felt more relaxed. He also experienced fewer digestion problems.

These several small consequences resulted in a big change for Tobias. Since giving up coffee and alcohol, he has been doing much better both physically and mentally. For that reason, Tobias decided to make the experimental diet permanent and has completely eliminated coffee and alcohol from his life.

Would you be wiling to swear off coffee and alcohol?

These are the positive changes your body will experience when you stop drinking alcohol for a month These are the positive changes your body will experience when you stop drinking alcohol for a month