This is the scary reason you should never drink iced beverages when you're hot

Summer has long gone but take this information as a warning for the next hot season. Our gut reaction is often to automatically reach for a nice cold drink when it's hot out. But as it turns out, this is actually a very bad habit that we should be cutting out immediately!

We all believe that hot weather is the best time to drink a little soda with lots of ice on a rooftop with friends! Except this habit isn't the one you want to keep...

A bad reflex

During periods of high heat, unlike the weather we're having now, it is formally recommended to drink water regularly. More than the rest of the year.

Although it's refreshing, downing an ice-cold drink does not quench your thirst. Indeed, the cold anaesthetizes cells whose role is to warn your brain when you are dehydrated.

These cells, present in your mouth and throat, have a major role in the proper functioning of your body. If you need water, they will trigger the sensation of thirst.

In other words, if these cells are anaesthetized by the cold, they can not do their job properly and signal to your brain that your body needs to be hydrated. Drinking iced drinks, therefore, increases dehydration!

Of course, there is an intermediate solution. The best thing you can do is simply favour cold and non-iced drinks, and cut out coffee, tea and especially alcohol when you're feeling a little hot.

Take a look at the video above for more details...

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