This Is The Rock's Secret Workout Weapon

This Is The Rock's Secret Workout Weapon

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, is known for his Herculean dedication to the gym and for sharing his brutal drills with his 70 million followers on Instagram.

Recently, he posted a photo of his expansive posterior chain, but what was interesting was what was attached to his right hand. The Rock is holding a chain. Lifting with chains is an old school exercise to increase strength and gain muscle.

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The chains can weigh up to 27 kilos. They can make strength exercises more effective by making the key elements of a movement more difficult and other parts easier. Thus, the chains allow you to use the right load throughout your workout: more resistance in your strongest areas and less in the weakest ones, which helps you gain more strength and muscle.

Of course, to gain muscle, you must also adapt your nutrition. If you start such an intense workout without having eaten enough protein, your body will draw energy from its reserves...

Watch to find out all our advice to adapt your nutrition to your training and get better results!

Ruby Smith
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