This Is the real reason you should never sleep next to your phone

We take our smartphones everywhere we go, even into our beds. But this nightly habit may have some serious consequences on our health.

With all these new technologies, people are becoming more and more hyper-connected.We have our phones with us at all times and even take them into bed with us. Some even fall asleep while using their phones. According to a study conducted by the Environmental Health Association, 75% of teenagers admit to falling asleep with their smartphones turned on under their pillow.

Sleep is disturbed

Sleeping with your phone nearby can affect sleep, but can also cause headaches and dizziness. Indeed, a person who is constantly on their phone regularly feels the need to check if they have received a new message, email or missed a call. During the night, this habit persists and can cause nights punctuated by an awake phase.

Moreover, using your phone before going to sleep is harmful, even if you sleep away from it. In 2008, a study showed that making a 30-minute call just before sleeping increased the time required to achieve deep sleep by 6 minutes. Using the phone in complete darkness also increases sleep disorders, since blue light makes people more alert and therefore stimulates the brain at a time when it needs to rest.

Beware of waves

The waves sent by phones have not yet been officially considered harmful to health. However, in anticipation of a potentially frightening discovery, it is recommended to avoid having your head exposed for too long near the phone, so keep it as far away from you as possible when you sleep. Of course, many of us use the phone as an alarm clock, but we still need to find a way to keep it far enough away to avoid exposing the body to its waves, but not too far away to miss hearing the alarm. It is up to you to find the best compromise so as not to hinder your sleep and your health.

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