This is the part of the male body dirtier than a toilet bowl

There's one body part that men do not realize how dirty it is. It attracts bacteria almost magically and is even dirtier than a toilet bowl.

Dear men, you must be very strong now! There is a part of your body that is anything but clean... And no, we don't mean that thing glued at the end of your arm, the smartphone—which also has a ton of bacteria on it!

A playground for bacteria and viruses

The place we're talking about is on your face. Well, do you already have an idea what it's about? Exactly, our dear facial hair! Beards are nowhere near as clean as you might think.

Tim Robberts@Getty Images

Quite the contrary in fact. Several studies on this topic have shown that the beard can be dirtier than a toilet bowl. The reason why? Beard hairs are a wonderful refuge for bacteria. They can cling on, grow and thrive there, all without being disturbed in the slightest. After all, it's cosy and warm there.

The solution

Especially in times of Corona crisis, it is not advisable to wear a long beard because viruses feel right at home there. But don't worry, we already have a solution for what you can do with your beard during coronavirus times.

You want to keep your beard at all costs? There are special shampoos to stem the tide of bacteria. Also don't forget about a thorough washing about three times a week to at least prevents unpleasant odours.

So wearing a beard is by no means necessarily associated with a lack of hygiene. The decisive factor is proper care, then this part of the body is also so clean.

This part of a man's body is dirtier than a toilet bowl This part of a man's body is dirtier than a toilet bowl