This Is The First Child Born With His Brain Outside Of His Skull

Doctors told Maria Santa Maria that her son wouldn't survive with his brain outside of his skull. Lucas Maria of New Jersey is the first baby to survive this rare condition.

It's never easy for parents to hear that the child they're about to have won't be born healthy, especially if the child suffers from a disease that is usually deadly.

It's very difficult to have to make a decision that will change your life, for better or worse. María Santa María and her husband found themselves in this situation when they were told that their baby suffered from a skull malformation.

The pair already had three daughters, but they always felt like they needed a boy in the family. Therefore, when they were told that they were going to have a boy, they were overjoyed, as were the baby's older sisters.

However, their happiness was short-lived because doctors observed that the child's brain wasn't forming where it's supposed to, inside the skull, but rather outside.

Doctors told them that their son had no chance of survival. In fact, the couple was told that he probably wouldn't live more than a day outside of the womb. So, Maria and her husband warned the girls that their brother had brain condition and that he was unlikely to survive.

But sometimes, life surprises you and miracles that even doctors can't explain happen. Check out the video for more details about little Lucas' birth and the procedures he underwent!

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