This Is The Effect Smoking Just One Cigarette A Day Can Really Have On Your Heart

If you don’t consider yourself a big smoker because you only smoke one or two cigarettes a day, a study will make you change your mind. According to UK researchers, the risk of heart disease is just as high among those who smoke a little as among those who smoke a lot.

A UK study published recently in the medical journal BMJ informs us yet again about the health risks run by those who smoke cigarettes. Except for this time, it’s not just those who smoke a lot who have been targeted, but also those who consider themselves to be moderate with their smoking habits.

According to the study, smokers are never at zero risks of developing heart disease:

Smoking only one cigarette per day carries a risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke much greater than expected: around half that for people who smoke 20 per day.

Women are at more serious risk than men. The study found that the risk of developing a heart condition for those who smoked a single cigarette per day reached 57% among women, while for men the number was 48%.

Smokers should aim to quit instead of cutting down to significantly reduce their risk of these two common major disorders.

Researchers also added that smokers who reduce the number of cigarettes they consume can also hope for a significant reduction in their risk of developing cancer, particularly lung cancer.

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