This is how you should be wiping your butt after pooping

Cleaning up after a dump is quite straightforward, but you’ll be surprised at how many people are doing it wrong.

You might think that butt-wiping is a simple task, and while it is pretty effortless there are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning yourself down there. If you’re doing it wrong, you could be inviting some irritating conditions, like UTIs, haemorrhoids, and anal fissures, to your nether regions.

Wiping motion

Don’t go crazy on your anal cavity after taking a dump, there is a certain motion you should be following to keep the infections away. You must have heard your parents tell you this when they potty trained you, but it’s been a while so we’ll remind you. Always wipe from front to back. Ladies and vagina-owners should follow this direction at all times, because dragging any faeces into the urethra could trigger a urinary tract infection (UTI).

On the other hand, those with a penis have more freedom to choose a wiping motion of their choice but experts also recommend sticking to the front to back direction. Wipe away from the perineum area, the space between your genitals and anus, in order to avoid micro-tears from which bacteria can enter.

Do not scrub your butt like it’s a kitchen counter, be gentle with your pressure and touch.


You wouldn’t use a super harsh towel for your face, so why treat your butt any differently? Pick a toilet paper brand that is known for its softness. Make sure it's not too thin, and mostly importantly—do not get scented TP. Products with fragrance will irritate the skin around your anus. Additionally, try to avoid using store-bought wet wipes, unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise. If you’re looking for the same effect, you might want to invest in a bidet instead! This neat tool will decrease your consumption of toilet paper and leave your butt feeling squeaky clean.

Finally finish your poop routine with a 20-second long hand wash. Don’t forget to use soap!

Balanitis: Poor hygiene can cause this skin condition in uncircumcised males Balanitis: Poor hygiene can cause this skin condition in uncircumcised males