This is how long you stay happy after having an orgasm

Are you very happy when you have an orgasm? You should know that in reality, this happiness lasts longer than you think...

An orgasm is a moment of intense pleasure that makes us feel as if we are floating in another world for a few minutes. The body contracts, trembles, and the heart rate increases, all of which are sensations we feel in our bodies. And if the pleasure makes us very happy at the moment it happens, it seems that this happiness actually lasts a little longer than expected...

How long do we stay happy after we come?

Did you think that the fullness felt during an orgasm was short-lived? A study conducted by American researchers and published in the journal Psychological Science has shown that you can be happy after having an orgasm for a long time.

They studied 214 newly married couples and asked them to keep a strict diary detailing how often they had intercourse and, above all, how satisfied they were with it. They also noted how satisfied they were with their respective partners and their union in general.

The orgasm would provide... 48 hours of happiness!

According to the data collected by the participants of the study, the researchers were able to establish that orgasm made people happy for 48 hours! If you thought that having an orgasm only made you feel happy for a few minutes, you were wrong. In reality, the joy lasts for almost two whole days.

Once again, the orgasm demonstrates all its virtues. Remember that it also reduces stress, improves the immune system and helps you sleep better. In short, we're not going to deprive ourselves of it!

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