This habit we all have is as unhygienic as licking a toilet bowl!

Some of our actions have more impact on our health than we think! A study has shown that reusing plastic water bottles without washing them could be dangerous.

This habit we all have is as unhygienic as licking a toilet bowl!
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It cannot be repeated often enough, but certain habits should be stopped as quickly as possible. Some could be very dangerous for one’s health.

Fingers being pointed at plastic water bottles

Plastic bottles are a big problem. Reusing this type of bottle could even be one of the most ‘unhygienic’ things we do. According to Treadmillreviews, reused water bottles are actually covered with germs. For their experiment, the scientists tested bottles used by an athlete over the course of a week.

In the end, the most contaminated bottle had 900,000 bacteria per cm² (more bacteria than a toilet bowl). A ‘normal’ reused bottle contained 313,499 bacteria per cm².

According to researchers, 60% of these germs can make humans sick. This is why it is essential to wash these bottles after each use.

What are the solutions?

If you want to drink water without any germs involved, it is advisable to use reusable water bottles that are made for this purpose. These bottles can be easily maintained since they are dishwasher safe and will destroy all bad bacteria.

In addition, buying a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle means that you won't have to buy plastic bottles anymore, thus limiting your waste production. This is good for you and for the planet, and is an environmentally-friendly act which is so important in this day and age.

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