This food has been proven to support in the growth of cancer cells

According to a study, sugar made cancer tumours even more aggressive Thanks to this study, cancer research could evolve and patients' diets and treatments could be readjusted.

There is always wonderful news in research, for example when a new drug promises to cure cancer. Another approach is to stop the stimulation of cancer cell growth at all. And for that, you should avoid certain foods.

Belgian researchers discover a connection with food and cancer

Belgian scientists discovered, in a nine-year study that a certain substance that stimulates the growth of cancer cells: sugar. Their findings are directly related to the so-called "Warburg Effect", which is named after the biochemist and Nobel laureate Otto Warburg (1883-1970).

This computer simulation shows the supply of cancer cells (blue) with nutrients (red vessels). Getty Images

The Warburg effect

The Warburg effect refers to the fact that cancer cells break down sugar faster than healthy cells. Belgian researchers have published their results in the journal Nature Communications. the Warburg effect has been studied at length, and studies have revealed that sugar stimulates the cancer cells to grow.

But what remains unclear is the question of whether the Warburg effect is just one of many symptoms of cancer or even its cause. In any case, this results signify a progress in the nutritional plan of cancer patients. You should, of course, with the treating doctor's approval, reduce the intake of sugar.

Sceptical voices

The German Cancer Research Center, however, doubts the findings of the study. There are still not enough study results to find a clear answer to the influence of sugar on cancer. Prof. Aurelio Teleman, the researcher at the German Cancer Research Center, explains to

There is a difference between the nutritional needs of cell cultures and the nutritional needs of an entire organism.

So it makes a difference whether the body cell is in humans or in a dish. The research results from Belgium could, therefore, be misleading because they cannot be carried out on humans.

What is certain is that there is always new knowledge in cancer research and that ahealthy diet certainly does not harm health. And we show you here that giving up sweet foods has a greater impact: Because these 7 things happen when you stop eating sugar!

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