This Doctor Explains Why You Should Consider Taking Part In #NoNutNovember

The internet loves coming up with new challenges, no matter what they are. And this November, dedicated to male health, quite a strange one has appeared.

November is a popular month for challenges - commonly known as Movember. It’s dedicated to male diseases and conditions, be they prostate cancer, testicular cancer or even depression that particularly affects men. It’s also the time to start challenges to get people involved and make them more aware of certain issues. Some people let their beards grow out, others decided to go for #NoNutNovember.

‘No nut November’ means that you can’t masturbate or have sexual intercourse for the entire month of November. The goal is to not ejaculate for 30 days straight. It all started when the challenge was declared on Reddit, with no particular reasoning. However, this practice could actually be quite good for your health.

Abstinence is good for you

Surprisingly, these consequences are beneficial for your sexual health since a period of abstaining makes your sex drive increase.

‘Withholding from ejaculating is very stimulating,’ explains urologist Patrick Constancis to his colleagues at 20 minutes, a French news source.

‘It’s like a fasting period, it gives your organs time to relax and take a break. Therefore, when it next happens, your ejaculation will be more intense.’

This doctor even advises that you repeat this practice throughout the year, but don’t take it too far. After a year or two of abstinence, you could end up having problems getting an erection.

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