These are the surprising health benefits of dry January

Looking to participate in Dry January? These are the five health benefits your body will see from a month without alcohol

What is ‘dry January?’

Dry January is a ‘dry’ month, in other words, without alcohol! This concept, therefore, consists of not drinking a single glass of alcohol during the whole month of January. Yes, not a single one! This initiative has existed since 2013 in Great Britain and has attracted many other countries around the world.

A survey conducted by the University of Sussex in 2018 proves that this alcohol-free January has many benefits, as Dr. De Visser points out:

Not drinking alcohol for 31 days shows us that we don't need alcohol to have fun, to relax, to socialise. This means that for the rest of the year, we are better able to make decisions about our alcohol consumption and to avoid drinking more than we really want to.

5 benefits of a month without alcohol

Depriving yourself of alcohol can be extremely beneficial in several ways. Here's what's going to make a real difference in your day-to-day life.

1. You’ll lose weight

Let's not forget, alcohol makes you fat. Although some wines do not impact the figure, other strong alcohols are very sweet and will undoubtedly make you gain a little weight. This is also the case with beer.

2. Your skin will improve

Goodbye to a dull complexion, bags and puffy skin. By removing alcohol in January, your skin will regain its beautiful tanned colour and elasticity.

3. You will save money

Alcohol comes at a price, we all know it. But when you cut out drinks with colleagues on Fridays and don't bring wine to the Sunday family dinner, the effects can quickly be felt by your bank account. And the good news is that it leaves you with more of a budget for the sales!

4. You’ll sleep better

The survey revealed that 70% of those who made it through dry January felt that they slept much better than usual. Alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle, promotes snoring and apnea. The less you drink, the better you sleep!

5. Your sex life will improve

If alcohol increases desire in some people, maintaining it is something else! Alcoholic beverages are often responsible for erectile problems in men. If you want to perform well in bed, dry January is your friend!

So, ready to take up the challenge?

Here's How Taking Part In Dry January Can Significantly Benefit Your Health Here's How Taking Part In Dry January Can Significantly Benefit Your Health