These Are The Best Ways To Manage The Pain From Getting A Tattoo

Although tattooing is now widespread, getting one is nothing trivial and requires a little preparation.

So, you've finally decided to get a tattoo, but you're afraid of the pain? Don't panic. You should know that there are many tricks to manage the pain.

Talk to a professional

Before you get a tattoo, you're going to have to discuss what you want with the specialist. This is a good time to tell them about your concerns. Only he or she will be able to tell you if the body part and the design you have chosen will be painful.

In case you are too afraid of the pain, you can choose to get a tattoo on a less painful area such as the arm, leg, buttock, or hip, which have more fat and muscle unlike the breasts, armpits and face for example.

If you are still not convinced, you can choose to get a smaller tattoo, without any colour or filling. In any case, keep in mind that if it was really insurmountable, few people would do it.

Ask someone to go with you

Before going on the day of the appointment, you could and ask one of your relatives to accompany you. Whether it is your partner, your mother, your aunt or your best friend, the presence of someone you love and trust can only reassure you.

Relax before the session

In order to limit the stress before the start of the session, you can do small exercises. The easiest way is to take time to breathe. Conscious breathing generally soothes the mind.

You can also take the time to talk with the person accompanying you, or with the tattoo artist. The goal? To focus on something other than fear in order to put you in the best possible frame of mind.

Relax during the session

The moment you dreaded so much has arrived... From there, you can start by squeezing or chewing something (gum, candy, a stress ball...) to keep yourself busy. If that's not enough, you can reconnect to your breathing by exhaling when the pain is felt. Finally, try not to move around too much. The less movement you make, the less likely you are to be in pain and cause the tattooist to make mistakes.

Look after your tattoo

Once tattooed, you won't be at the end of the road because frequently the tattoo is painful for a few days afterwards. For relief, you will have to look after it and follow the professional's advice to the letter.

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