These are the benefits of having sex everyday

Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex every day of the week? Read on to find out what happens to your body when you get frisky seven days a week.

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to have sex every day... After all, sex feels great (when done consensually with the right partner in the right conditions, of course)—so why not indulge in it more often?

As we all know, sex can provide many benefits that range from the mental to the physical and even emotional. So, what would actually happen to your body if you were to have sex every single day?

Strengthen your cardiovascular health and immune system

On a medical level, having sex frequently can actually be very good for both your heart and your overall health. Studies have shown that those who engage in it at least twice a week are less likely to develop heart disease. It has also been proven to increase immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels—an immune boosting antibody that fights off illnesses such as the common cold. Further, as sexual intercourse releases the hormone oxytocin—a type of endorphin—it can actually alleviate aches and pains such as headaches.

Reduces stress

If ever you're feeling tense or anxious, having sex can help with decompressing yourself. Sex will improve your mood and can even help you get better sleep at night. By getting rid of the stress you carry on your shoulders through frequent sex, you will feel much better in your day to day. This in turn can also help with reducing the risk of depression.

Increases testosterone levels

Perhaps one of the most important hormones in men, getting busy can increase your testosterone levels, which play an essential role in ensuring your body runs smoothly. Testosterone is responsible for your mood, muscle development, the health of your heart and other organs as well as keeping your cholesterol in check.

So, if your body permits you to have sex every day, and if both parties are consenting to the act, then you can expect a plethora of benefits to your body.

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