Seven people died after drinking hand sanitiser

This tragedy took place in Russia. Several people drank hand sanitiser after running out of alcohol at a party, killing seven of them.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim victims around the world, but the virus is not the only killer. Hand sanitiser has also been implicated in many accidents, such as with children’s eyes which have been burned by the substance. But sometimes, unfortunately, it can go even further. This occurred recently in Russia, where seven people lost their lives after drinking hand sanitiser.

What happened?

Last Thursday evening, a group of nine people gathered for a festive evening in the village of Tomtor in Yakutia province in the north-eastern part of the country. When the group ran out of alcohol, they decided to drink their hand sanitiser. The sanitiser contained almost 69% methanol, a toxic substance.

According to LADbible, seven people died. The first victims were a 41-year-old woman and two men aged 59 and 27. The six others were evacuated by air to the hospital in the provincial capital. On Friday, three more people died and another victim was reported on Saturday.

The two remaining individuals are in intensive care or in a coma.

Not the first time

A similar incident made headlines last June in New Mexico. Seven people drank hand sanitiser that also contained methanol. According to CNN, three people were killed and one was permanently blinded.

Kathy Kunkel, New Mexico's Secretary of Health at the time, said:

If you think you have consumed hand sanitiser containing methanol, please seek medical attention. An antidote for methanol poisoning is available, but the sooner you are treated for it, the better the chances of recovery.
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