Scientists Warn Even Small Quantities of Red Meat Increase the Risk of Early Death

It’s the warning issued by a team of American scientists: eating processed red meat, even in very small quantities, increases the risk of death, in particular for cardiovascular disease.

For a while now scientific studies have come out in succession to denounce the negative effects of red meat on the planet, as well as on our health. Cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease…we blame all evils on it. A new scientific publication has recently driven this point home: according to a team of American researchers, red meat is harmful even in very small quantities.

'One question remained unanswered: that of the health effects of a reduced consumption of meat, versus a diet entirely without meat,'declares Dr Saeed Mastour Alshahrani, the principal author of the study. In response to this question, researchers analysed the health and dietary habits of 96,000 men and women, of whom 50% were vegetarian. The second half ate meat in small doses.

The end of the ‘flexitarian’ diet?

The analysis also focussed on the deaths of 7,900 people. Among the carnivores, 90% only ate around 50 grams of red meat a day…Or the equivalent of one slice of ham.

According to the researchers, 2,600 of these deaths were caused by cardiovascular diseases – around 33%. More than 1,800 were linked to cancer. According to them, it’s proof that it’s better to not eat meat at all than to only eat a little. Professor Michael Orlich, co-author of this study, concludes:

Our results give more weight to studies that have already suggested that processed red meat consumption could have a negative impact on your health and lifespan.
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