Scented Candles Contain a Pollutant That Is Also Found in Car Exhausts

Room fragrances create a pleasant environment when used at home, regardless of whether they come as sprays, scented candles, diffusers of incense sticks. They are meant to relax us and give off a pleasant smell, but as it turns out, they contain a pollutant that is also found in car exhaust gases.

Room fragrances are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they make our bathrooms smell nicer, but the aromas end up spreading and making our entire homes smell better as a result. But these fragrances can also be quite dangerous and not only for humans but for our four-legged friends as well.

Dangerous for people with allergies

Lots of people regularly use fragrances in their homes but for people who suffer from allergies, these popular room scents could be even more dangerous. They not only cause watery eyes but have also been said to lead to dizziness and migraines.

But that’s not all. Sometimes people can develop allergies as a result of these harmful fragrances. German allergist Dr. Christiane Bayerl told the German news:

‘Those affected do not just have such allergies, but they develop them over years. For people who are prone to allergies anyway, it often gets worse with every contact.’

Room fragrances attack your body

These fragrances might not only cause allergies but could also affect your hormones and even your fertility. They could also damage several organs such as the liver. However, many products that currently exist on the market haven't undergone sufficient research to be able to make such accurate statements.

As well as allergies and organ damage, the risk of developing asthma could also increase as a result of these smellies. According to the Federal Association for Pneumologists in Heidenheim, Germany, children are particularly at risk of this. Many people are not aware of just how dangerous these fragrances can be and that they actually worsen instead of improving the atmosphere at home.

Incense sticks, room sprays and scented candles

But what about those popular incense sticks? In Asia, they are considered a sign of spirituality, but according to Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, the incense inside these sticks, in turn, contains cancer-causing chemicals.

Experts have recently been warning people in particular against using room sprays because they contain formaldehyde, petroleum and P-dichlorobenzene, which can cause cancer and lung diseases. According to a study carried out by the Natural Resources Defence Council, pregnant women, in particular, should be careful of this because their babies could be born later than their due date with lung diseases or whooping cough.

However, scented candles are by no means a better option. The paraffins found in scented candles release allergenic substances that, although in produced a slightly different form, are also found in car exhaust gases. In addition, they are still detectable in the air hours after they have been used.

How to keep your home smelling fresh without using chemicals

But people still want to keep their homes smelling fresh and good news, this can be done in other, completely natural ways. Check out the video above to find out how. If you want your home smelling lovely without bringing these dangerous chemicals into the mix, you could also create one of these fragrances for yourself.

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