Researchers Warn That ‘Mosquitos Are The Most Dangerous Animals That Our Planet Has To Offer’

Most of the time, mosquitos bite us at night when we can’t defend ourselves. But some people seem to be affected by these insects more than others. Let’s explain and reveal why one researcher has been warning us against them.

Some people really are mosquito magnets and only few people are actually happy to see insects. Quite often, mosquito bites can be fatal for humans. Researcher Andreas Rose told the German news source Westfalenpost that ‘Mosquitos are the most dangerous animals that our planet has to offer.’

But who are mosquitos most attracted to?

House mosquitos are spotted in Europe in the spring, between September and May. They lay their eggs in damp areas such as rain barrels and watering cans. Therefore, Andreas Rose suggests emptying these regularly so that the area doesn’t get as damp and perfect for them.

Mosquitos love people who have a good metabolism and therefore produce a lot of carbon dioxide. To keep mosquitos away, Andreas Rose says, ‘There are traps that emit carbon dioxide. You just need to put them in the right places.’

A cocktail of fragrances

But there are also other factors that determine whether mosquitos bite us or leave us alone.

‘Everyone has their own cocktail of fragrances,’ says Rose. These fragrances include lactic acid, ammonia and fatty acids.

Body odours can be relieved or changed for a short time by taking a shower, but after a while, the mosquitos are attracted again. There are also two other factors that attract mosquitos: alcohol in the blood stream and a high body temperature.

Home remedies don’t help

If you want to protect yourself from mosquito bites, you can spray mosquito repellent over a large area around you, but not every repellent works. The expert considers the insect repellent DEET to be particularly effective.

If you want to use natural remedies, PMD is quite a good option. According to Rose, anti-mosquito candles and traps that work off UV light don’t help. But having the right plants in your garden can help to ease mosquito bites.

What to do if you get stung by a mosquito?

If you ever get stung, it helps to cool down the mosquito bite. This can be done either by applying an ointment to the bite or with an onion from the fridge.

Rose also revealed one more tip:

‘There have been cases in which heating the bite has also helped. This will interrupt the secretion of histamines.’

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