Only 43 People In The World Have This Life-Saving 'Golden' Blood Type

Only 43 People In The World Have This Life-Saving 'Golden' Blood Type

You may already know that there are eight blood groups, differentiated by the letters A, AB and O. However, there is another extremely rare group that only 43 people in the world have: golden blood.

This blood group is characterized by the colour of the blood of the people who have it, a golden colour. It is not red like normal blood, and lacks the most common antigen.

Antigens are substances that contain red blood cells. They are classified by the letters A, AB and O. There are also Rh antigens, which can be negative or positive. The peculiarity of the golden blood is that it does not contain the Rh antigen. That's why its scientific name is Rh null blood.

For a person to be Rh null, both parents must be carriers of this group. Although there are only 40 known cases in the world, they can save the life of anyone who needs a blood donation.

However, it's an extremely dangerous blood type to have as carriers of Rh null blood can only receive blood from another Rh null. Therefore, they are encouraged to donate their blood in case someone with golden blood ever needs a transfusion.

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