No Nut November: These Guys Are Challenging Themselves To Not Get Off For A Month

No ejaculation for 30 days. This is not a new law but a challenge launched the other year in the United States and which is gaining momentum for its 3rd edition. Unlike other existing challenges, it does not seek to raise awareness about a cause. We've decided to look into the objective of this chosen abstinence.

No Nut November: These Guys Are Challenging Themselves To Not Get Off For A Month
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It is sometimes useful to know some slang expressions, as evidenced by the 'No Nut November' movement. Shakespeare's language purists might have thought it was a matter of refraining from eating nuts for a month when the challenge is, in fact, something entirely different. It consists in not getting off for 30 days ('nut' is also slang for 'ejaculate') or rather not having an orgasm throughout the month of November. Quite a different story! But why would you want to impose such restraint on yourself? Allow us to tell you more about it.

The rules of No Nut November

Launched two years ago on the Reddit forum and relayed on social networks, the challenge is back on the agenda this November. According to the rules, which of course have nothing official or contractual (except with oneself), it consists in refraining from ejaculating for 1 month. More precisely: to not masturbate nor have sex with an ejaculation at the end.

Often symbolised by an eggplant (emoji which became the representation of the male sex, editor's note) and a splash crossed out by a forbidden symbol, this viral movement has its supporters. Thus, on Twitter and using the #nonutnovember, participants do not hesitate to post day after day about the evolution of their state of mind (and sometimes frustration) since they began their voluntary abstinence on November 1st. But are there benefits in this abstinence from pleasure?

The pros and cons

While we were warned last summer about the risks of the peegasm, a phenomenon that consists in holding back from urinating to experience a form of pleasure when relieving oneself, one can also wonder about the possible consequences of preventing oneself from ejaculating.

Although there has been no study done about the harmfulness of such abstinence, the opinions of professionals differ as to the benefits of this movement. For example, Dr. Chris Donaghue, a sexologist in Los Angeles, USA, expressed his disapproval in the Huffington Post by delivering a very clear message: 'I say, jerk off more, lots more!'

According to him, masturbation has many health benefits. It helps, among other things, to strengthen pelvic muscles, improve erectile and cardiac function and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Unlike him, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, a urologist in Florida, supports the concept of No Nut November but for more psychological reasons. 'Refraining from ejaculation via sex or masturbation is more an exercise in mental control. This allows you to devote more energy to daily tasks or life goals.'

As for Dr Patrick Constancis, urologist and andrologist in Paris, he identified other benefits, particularly in terms of health, as he explained in the 20 Minutes newspaper. 'It's like a little fasting cure, a rest period for this organ. When it resumes afterwards, the ejaculation will only be more powerful.' There's the key... Holding back would therefore allow one to reach a moment of greater pleasure when the twelve strokes of midnight on December 1st signal the end of this self-imposed frustration.

'It also allows us to cultivate the platonic side of sexuality. With one' s partner one can thus practice tenderness, foreplay and the fantasy side. The orgasm is much more powerful afterwards,' he continues.

This may encourage those who are already starting to flinch at this point of their abstinence....

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