New research reveals why men shouldn't shave their tender bits

A very serious study claims that shaving your private parts is not recommended when you are a man. But why is that?

This is a question that all men have already faced soon after they sprouted their first downstairs hair. Is it actually necessary, to shave the private parts? For many, it is above all an issue of aesthetics or 'cleanliness.' But scientists have looked into the issue and found some very serious arguments that suggest it would be better not to go mad with a razor or clipper. Here's everything you need to know.

More chances of catching an STI?

Those who shave their private parts are more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases than others. This is the result of a study jointly conducted by several universities (Texas, California, Missouri) in 2017.

And the results are startling: waxing or shaving increases the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection by 80%! 13% of people who responded to the study had already contracted an STD. Rather insightful statistics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Those who shave the most (at least 11 times a year) are more likely to get herpes or HPV. But they are less likely to catch crabs. Makes perfect sense. And as compared to those who do not shave, men with hairless pubic areas have a tripled risk of STI's, and this risk is even quadrupled for the most rigorous followers of waxing or shaving. This is what you can read in this study.

Of the 7,580 people who responded to the survey, 74% said they'd shaved pubic hair, 66% of men and 84% of women. After adjusting for age and sexual partners, grooming was positively associated with a history of self-reported STI's.

In conclusion, it seems that there is a link between grooming your private area and your chances of catching an STI. Although how much of that stems from additional behavioural differences remains to be seen. So, will this change the way you take care of your private parts? It's up to you, really.

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