‘Manstruation:’ Science shows that even men can experience a ‘time of the month’

Even men have a time of the month and suffer from similar symptoms to women. This was revealed by a recent survey carried out by VoucherCloud, and the results are startling.

As a man, if you're irritable, have food cravings and even get abdominal cramps, you're probably going through PMS.When reading thoroughly, a recent study shows that even men get periods, as Medical Daily reports.

Man periods

25% of the men who participated in this study believe that men also have a time of the month. Once a month, the male sex can also experience abdominal cramps, mood swings, low self-esteem and food cravings, just like women do when they’re on their periods.

Men have a hormone cycle just like women do and when their testosterone levels drop, men become more aggressive, depressed and seem more distant and closed off. A man’s hormone levels can change up to four times a day.

Men suffer just like women

A recent survey carried out by VoucherCloud asked men about whether they also experience monthly hormone changes like women do when they are on their periods. 25% of men admitted that they too experience symptoms that are similar to PMS once a month.

IMS (irritable male syndrome) can be due to many different factors, such as stress, a change in diet, age, lack of sleep, illness, changes in diet or weight and eating disorders. Some even say that it could be due to 'sympathy PMS:' guys who are experiencing similar feelings as those women who are in their lives.

However, the biggest surprise came from women. 58% of women are convinced that, once a month, their partner suffers from similar symptoms to the ones they experience during their time of the month. He’s just on his period!

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