Man arrested for injecting food with syringes filled with unknown substance

Customers of three supermarkets in Fulham have been cautioned not to consume food items bought from targeted shops on Wednesday night.

Man arrested for injecting food with syringes filled with unknown substance
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A man is being held in police custody for ‘contaminating food with syringes’ at three supermarkets in West London.

The targeted shops are Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury's, all on Fulham Palace road. The suspect allegedly injected processed meat and microwaveable food items.

The police are yet to determine how many items have been compromised, the content of the needles and if other businesses were affected.


Officers from the Metropolitan Police were called shortly before 8pm after a man was reported yelling at people in the street.

He was taken in and is being held on suspicion of contamination of goods and causing public harm or anxiety.

The affected supermarkets—Tesco Express at 168-188 Fulham Palace Road, the Little Waitrose at 201-207, and the Sainsbury's Local at 179-183—have since been closed with the premises being treated as crime scenes. According to the Met:

It is currently unknown as to how many items have been contaminated, or what with. Investigations are ongoing to establish if other businesses in the area are involved in the incident.

Emergency alert

The Hammersmith and Fulham Council issued an emergency alert on social media last night warning patrons of the targeted shops to dispose off any food items purchased on Wednesday night. The council tweeted:

Members of the public are advised as a precaution to dispose of any food items bought from these supermarkets this evening. H&F Council's Environmental Health team are now working with the supermarket branches affected.