If You Have Trouble Ejaculting, You May Suffer From Aspermia

Aspermia is a disorder of ejaculation. But what is it exactly? Here are the details.

Aspermia is a relatively unknown issue. It is also called 'dry orgasm,' which results in the absence of semen emission during ejaculation. However, the man still feels the orgasm—which also causes cascading phenomena in the body—as well as the so-called expulsion phase.

This is not related to a mechanical problem: the muscles of the perineal region still do contract well but this does not cause any emission of fluid, or very little.

What causes aspermia and why?

When there is anejaculation (absence of ejaculation) this may be related to the taking of antidepressants, but the most common cause is a malformation, an obstruction or a total absence of the vas deferens which has the crucial role of actually bringing in the semen all the way from the testes.

Mental disorders can also play a role when there is a problem with ejaculation. Not being able to 'let go', problems in the couple, a sudden loss of self-confidence are all factors that can prevent ejaculating properly. Somes diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's or diabetes can be responsible for aspermia.

How to diagnose aspermia?

When there is suspicion of aspermia, to find out the cause one should undergo a general blood test, a urine test, a blood test for diseases that may occur following intercourse, an analysis of prostate secretion as well as a blood test to establish hormone levels.

How to treat aspermia?

If the pathology is congenital, consulting a urologist is essential. Only he will be able to determine whether it is possible to apply an adequate treatment. Psychotherapists can take care of the psychological problem and try to overcome the blockage generated by the brain.

If you have the slightest inkling of ejaculation issues, it is necessary to consult your doctor who may then direct you to the relevant specialists.

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