Here's why you should always turn your phone off before going to sleep

Checking your phone before bed is a habit you’d be better off without. In fact, sleeping next to your phone could actually be harming your health.

If you – like the most of us – need your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop next to you when you go to bed, know that these devices have a negative impact on your sleep.

Negative consequences

We’ve reached a point in our lives where we rely on smart devices to make our daily routines a little easier. When it comes to sleep, however, these devices aren’t doing anything helpful. In fact, the negative consequences that come from late-night surfing and chatting leave a serious impact on our sleep.

Due to the strong blue light emitted from our screen, our brain's ability to relax is halted and stays in a state of wakefulness which in the long term can develop sleeping problems. Communicating with others via mobile can also provoke a sense of stress and excitement for the person behind the screen, making it difficult to achieve a proper state of rest. Not to mention electromagnetic fields generated by smartphones that can detract from relaxation.

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Take a moment to yourself

For better quality sleep, consider moderating the use of your devices and make a few small changes in your daily habits. Check your messages one last time before heading to bed, and then turn off your smartphone until the following morning.

Give yourself a moment every night before bed to relax. You could try listening to some soft music, read a bit, or even take a few minutes to meditate. Try it out: you may see that the morning suddenly becomes much easier for you.

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