He got stuck with a massive bill after recovering from the coronavirus

Michael Flor was hospitalised for more than two months in Seattle, where he was treated for Covid-19. He then received a very large bill once home.

Michael Flor holds a sad record. According to the Seattle Times, he is the longest hospitalised Covid-19 infected patient. He entered the Swedish Issaquah in Seattle on March 4th, 2020 and was discharged on May 5, 62 days later.

A 181-page bill

This 70-year-old American was near death during his hospitalisation, so much so that one night, a nurse held the telephone up to his ear so that his wife and children could bid him farewell. But Michael, who was nicknamed ‘the miracle child’ recovered and was able to go home.

But he probably didn't expect to receive such terrible news so quickly. Shortly after returning home, Michael Flor received a bill for over a million dollars, or £841,802.82. The whole thing was put together in a 181-page file.

Detailed fees

All the costs charged to him are detailed in the 181 pages. For example, there is an invoice for £306,628.80 for spending 42 days in a ‘specialised’ room in the intensive care unit, or another of £61,650.15 for the use of an artificial respirator for 29 days.

The cost of the drugs administered to him is also aberrant: almost £200,000. Fortunately for Michael Flor and his family, he is covered by Medicare, a health insurance for senior citizens, which should considerably limit the costs he has to pay.

What's more, he may not have to pay a single penny. The US Congress has passed an £80 billion plan to help hospitals and insurance companies meet the costs of the pandemic.

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