Find out when is the best time of day to exercise

A study finds what is the best time of the day to work out.

A study was undertaken by a group of experts from California to find the ideal time of day to engage in physical exercise. The researchers subsequently published their findings in the journal called Cell Metabolism. The study teaches us how the impact of exercise on the body differs depending on the time of day. Let's figure out when is the best time to stretch some muscles for optimal results.

How does metabolism work?

The researchers were looking at metabolic-related molecular changes that occur during exercise at various times of the day. According to earlier research, all of our cells include a biological clock. These 'internal clocks,' which are synchronised throughout the body, influence body temperature, appetite, heart rate, and even hormone levels.

However, these 'internal rhythms' are changeable and may be re-calibrated to fit each individual's routines. In this new study, conducted on mice, scientists wanted to know how the timing of physical activity influences metabolism.

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The results of the study revealed

To perform this study, the researchers divided a group of laboratory mice into three groups: one that ran in a wheel early in the day, another that did so later in the day, and a third that did not. Mice are nocturnal creatures, therefore their activity period is the inverse of ours. As a result, exercise in the evening for them, corresponds to exercise in the morning for us.

The scientists were able to see that an hour after training, the mice's physical activity burned more fat than sugar for those who started their day with sports. Thus, this might imply that morning exercise contributes more to fat reduction in individuals.

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