Experts believe our vision will improve post COVID

Optometrists believe that after the pandemic is over we will have better eye sight as we will be spending less time in front of computer screens.

Reports from adults complaining of poor eye sight have become much more wide spread than ever before.Since working from home, there have been several studies that have come out showing that somewhere between 22 and 38 percent of people have noticed a progressive deterioration of their vision.

Tired and blurry eyes due to constant exposure to devices

Management consultant at Central Vision Opticians in Finchley, Bhavin Shahm London confirms:

I've seen an increase in patients with these symptoms - eyestrain, fatigue, tired and blurry eyes.The journey to work and working in an office environment can allow more breaks and natural eye movements and focusing.

Shahm believes that the more one stares at screens for a prolonged amount of times –as some of us do now that we are working from home– the less efficient our eye sight becomes. He continues:

I expect the incidence of these symptoms to decrease once people start to go back to school/work. Once workers have returned to the process of work including the journey to work and safety in the office, their wellbeing, including visual comfort, performance will improve. and to an extent, their vision should feel better.

Children's eyes are also suffering from the lockdown

The same can be said about the eyes of children now that at-home learning has replaced schools. Without travelling to and from school, playing outside during lunchtimes, recess and after school activities, their eyes have become much more fixed on TV and computer screen devices.

Bhavin explains:

Increased close work, screen time and reduced outdoor time have all played a factor in the increase in short sightedness. I've seen significantly higher levels of change in children's vision. Many children have had twice the normal level of change.

He also says that we can expect our eyes to regain their healthy normal state once we are freed from COVID-19 induced lockdowns.

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