Drinking one beer a day could be ‘very good for your health’

Thanks to the ‘good bacteria’ that appear during fermentation, it could be good for your health to drink one beer a day.

It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, yet it does not necessarily have a good reputation. But the latest work by a Dutch scientist could change all that!

Why should you drink one beer a day?

Professor Eric Claassen, who works at the University of Amsterdam, presented the results of his research at an event organised by Yakult. He explained why certain beers are good for your health.

According to him, strong beerssuch as Hoegaarden or Westmalle Tripel are rich in probiotics, micro-organisms that are good for the body. He even asserted that drinking ‘just one of these beers every day could be very good for your health.’

‘We don't want to make people want to drink more beer’

While most beers are fermented only once, strong beers are fermented twice. It is this process that produces the good bacteria that Eric Claassen mentions. The Dutch professor is well aware of the dangers of drinking too much beer, and would like to point out that ‘alcohol in high concentrations is bad for the intestines.’

These probiotics can also be found in yoghurts and fermented foods, but also and above all in food supplements. Of course, not everything in beer is good for your health, but drinking it in moderation would not be so bad, even though it is often difficult to stop after just one beer!

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