Doctors were horrified by what they found in this boy's body

As is the case when kids hit puberty, they start to explore their body little by little. But for one 11-year-old boy, his exploration nearly proved fatal.

Feeling an urge to explore your own body is totally natural when you hit puberty. However, when this 11-year-old boy from China decided to experiment, things quickly got out of hand and ended up in the hospital with terrible pain in his lower stomach.

Boy introduces small magnets into his body

After their son complained about a pain in his genital area whenever he went to the toilet, his parents took him to the hospital. An X-ray made everything clear.

The boy had a collection of magnetic marbles in his bladder which he had put into his body through his penis. In a two-hour operation, all of the 70 magnets were removed.

Education as preventive measure

His doctor, Dr Tao explains to the media:

It is very common that children explore their body when they get older. This is why it is important for their parents to talk about the changes early. Though the boy is fine now, this scenario could have been avoided if the parents had had a talk with their son.

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