Doctors were amazed when they saw what this newborn had in her stomach

Doctors were flabbergasted when they found something very odd inside this baby girl. Something which is incredibly rare in the history of medicine…

This pregnancy story really is a strange one. As Los Informantes reported, Monica Vega and her husband went to the hospital to have an ultrasound scan of their future baby. But while they were there, the doctors discovered that there was actually something inside their unborn child’s stomach.

A routine check-up

Monica Vega was seven months pregnant and everything was going to plan. Itzamara, the little baby they were expecting, appeared to be in perfect health. But then, their gynaecologist discovered that the little one had something growing inside her stomach.

After careful analysis and consultation with specialists, Dr. Miguel Parra, an expert in high-risk pregnancies, made the following diagnosis: ‘foetus in foetus’ also known as a ‘parasitic twin’. In other words, Itzamara had a twin brother who was actually growing and developing inside her own body.

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How is this possible?

This pregnancy is actually a very rare case of twins which occurs when the twin division occurs too late on and one of the siblings ends up developing inside the other. Fortunately, this phenomenon had no negative impacts on the health of the twin sister.

The parents managed to stay calm and patiently waited for the due date to arrive. Their daughter was born in good health via the caesarean section they had pre-organised. Afterwards, Itzamara, just like her mother, underwent a caesarean section that very same day. There is no doubt that this very unusual case will go down in the history of medicine.

Doctors were stunned by what they found in this man’s stomach Doctors were stunned by what they found in this man’s stomach