Doctor Tells Woman She's Not Ill, 'Just Fat' - Two Days Later He Regrets It Bitterly...

Doctor Tells Woman She's Not Ill, 'Just Fat' - Two Days Later He Regrets It Bitterly...

A woman had been experiencing severe abdominal pain and sought out the help of a gynecologist. But instead of examining her, he called her "fat" and sent her away. Two days later the correct - and shocking - diagnosis came to light.

What happened to Michelle Bell from West Sussex is a horrible event that could have ended fatally for the Briton: because she, for a while, had felt severe pain in her abdomen, and her period seemed to have been getting stronger, the 38-year-old went looking for a gynecologist - but what happens then is just incredible.

Being sent away by the gynecologist

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When the mother of two described her symptoms, her doctor reacted differently than expected: "I explained my symptoms to my doctor (...) I paused, expecting that he would examine me and order tests to be carried out; instead, he leaned back in his chair and raised an eyebrow, 'You're just overweight,' was all he said, "says the 38-year-old British woman to the Sun. Even when she insisted on being examined by him, the doctor told her to lose weight. "I was speechless; my mouth was literally open," recalls the Briton.

Shock diagnosis: cancer

A few days later, Michelle visited another gynecologist who examined her directly after she described her symptoms - luckily! As it turns out, the 38-year-old was suffering from ovarian cancer. One day later, the mother of two was lying on the operating table - her entire left ovary and several cysts from the right ovary were successfully removed. Now, the Briton is cancer free for the time being. What would have happened if she hadn't have gotten a second opinion, Michelle doesn't even want to imagine: "My doctor had neglected my symptoms simply because of my weight. Had I have listened to him, the cancer would have spread and my children would have maybe grown up without their mother."

Take a look at the video above for more from Michelle's shocking story... 

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