Doctor reveals why you should never sleep naked

One doctor has revealed the single most important reason why you should never be sleeping naked at night...This one might disgust you.

Doctor reveals why you should never sleep naked
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Doctor reveals why you should never sleep naked

We've been told why we shouldn't sleep naked on really hot summer nights, but now one doctor has revealed why we should never sleep naked at all and the reason might surprise you...

Why you shouldn't be sleeping naked

Whether you share your bed at night with your partner or you sleep alone, Dr. Antony Youn, advises against sleeping in the buff. The reason for this advisory lies in what could come out of your body when you are asleep.

According to the popular TikTok doctor, people release gas 15 to 25 times per day and for every time we let go of some flatulence, we're actually also releasing tiny particles of fecal matter. He explains that our underwear traps these tiny amounts of poo and avoid spreading it further. But the same cannot be said when you are sleeping at night in your birthday suit.

As it turns out, allowing fecal matter to be released onto your sheets might actually be more serious than you would think. If you're not the type to wash your bedsheets very often (Dr. Youn strongly suggest you do!) then lingering bits of fart residue could lead to a breeding ground for bacteria to attack your body which could eventually turn into some type of infection.

Not to mention, if you enjoy naked sleepy time with your partner you might also be literally pooping on them as well.

Women get a free pass?

The doctor also specified that sleeping naked should only be practised by women who have been told by their gynaecologists to do so, to promote better vaginal health. Men, on the other hand, should exclusively be sleeping in their underwear to avoid complications in the long run.