Doctor reveals the best time for men to get it on

A doctor on TikTok revealed when the best time of the day is for men to engage in sexual intercourse.

A TikTok doctor by the username therealsabidcoctor has revealed the best time for men to have sex in a video explaining that what matters most iswhen one decides to have sex if you're are looking to optimize your sexual performances.

Early birds have better sex

In the video, the medical expert explains how mornings might be the best time of the day to do the hanky panky as testosterone levels are at their peak during said time of the day.

Testosterone, which is the male hormone, is at its highest in the early hours of the day, which would also explain the phenomenon of morning wood. In other words, erections tend to be stronger and a spike in your libido can translate to potentially being able to last longer, and even allow you go at it for a few rounds. He concludes the video by saying that:

The bottom line here is essentially that you should be intentionally strategic, stop leaving things to chance.

One crucial technique to last longer

On the topic of optimizing your sexual prowess, sex specialist, Starielle Hope, revealed in a video on TikTok a technique to last longer in bed. She explains that:

Number one is to know your arousal level on a scale from one to 10. A lot of men don't know how aroused they are, they're not in touch with the sensation, and they can go from, let's say, if one is not turned on, 10 is 'I'm gonna c*m.'

And adds that:

They can go from two or three to eight or nine without realising and then all of a sudden they've gone over the edge. So as you are feeling excited, what you need to do is track your numbers; are you at a one, two, three, four, five, six? That's all you need to do.

In essence, this technique is called 'edging' and requires one to be in tune with their arousal level and use that to their advantage. So, instead of going from mildly aroused to completely over the edge, one must learn to play with the scale of arousal in order to stay in control.

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