Do you wake up every night at 4 am? Here is what your body is trying to tell you

Do you have problems with insomnia? Worse, do you wake up every night at 3:12 am without setting an alarm? Here's more information on why that is.

It’s not uncommon to experience day-long or even week-long periods when we suddenly and mysteriously wake up at the same time in the middle of the night. Sometimes all we want after a long day is to go to sleep and not everyone can deal with just 4 hours of sleep a night.

But this is anything but a coincidence. As it turns out, your body may have a good reason for waking you up against your will in the middle of the night. Better still, according to Chinese medicine, your body might actually be sending you a rather specific message that you would probably do well to listen to. So, hour by hour, keep reading to find out what these mysterious awakenings really mean.

Between 1 and 3 am

Affected organ: the liver

At night, you should stop drinking alcohol, eating fast food or doing anything that might damage your liver. You should also drink a full glass of cold water before going to bed. Spiritually, you are probably dealing with a wave of negative energies that are causing you digestive problems: anger, frustration, mourning…

Between 3 and 5 am

Affected organ: the lungs

Do you have breathing problems (do you smoke too much?)? Spiritually, you are suffocating, that goes without saying! You should try and find another lifestyle that suits you better and stop your energies from being dominated by sadness.

Between 5 and 7 am

Affected organ: the large intestine

If your large intestine is struggling to do its job, it may be a sign that your diet is too rich right now. Spiritually, you are in the throes of emotional blockages so try stretching or meditating before you go to sleep. You have to find a way to let all of this tension go.

Why some people are able to sleep only 4 hours a night Why some people are able to sleep only 4 hours a night