Crocs are hazardous to your health if you have this foot shape!

The shoes are often noted for their colourful appearance and comfort, but what about the feet themselves? The answer from these doctors is perplexing.

Whether at the beach, gardening or in the city, many people are all too happy to wear Crocs in the summer. HuffPosttook a closer look at them and what podiatrists think of the iconic shoes.

Surprising assessment

Some think they are hideous, others simply can not go without them at home. According to Dr Megan Leahy, however, the shoes are not suitable to be worn for an extended period of time. In an interview, she explains the dire consequences that the shoes could have:

The shoes are not good for the heels. If the heel is unstable, the toes assume a kind of gripping position. This leads to tendinitis (an inflammation of the tendon), deforms the toes and can cause nail problems, corns and calluses.
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Dr Alex Kor explains that the forward part of a shoe is of great importance. If the foot bends in the forward part, it results in uncomfortable pain for many people. This is exactly the problem with Crocs: their forward part is not flexible enough.

Only a few people should wear Crocs

However, there are two exceptions when it comes to wearing Crocs is even advised: people with high insteps and those who have oedema in their legs or ankles can wear the shoes for several hours a day without any problems.

Finally, another disadvantage of the shoes: they do not offer proper support, so many of the children who like to wear the shoes often fall in them.

It's better to wear sturdy regular shoes or a pair of good sandals. By the way, you should wear them with socks for good reasons. Although this is an undisputed fashion sin, health comes first.

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